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Go Fund Me for Callen

Many of you know Callen, one of the Managers and long time employees of Fastlane. Maybe he sold you you're kayak, or helped you with fishfinder installs, kayak tune ups and repairs, and just friendly conversation. Callen works hard, lives quietly and simply, he loves to create, work with his hands, providing for his little family. His wife, Lexi, is pregnant with their first child, who is due this June. Callen works days at Fastlane Sailing and Kayaking, and spends evenings and days off at a shared work shop , where he builds custom retail displays and build outs for weddings among other things. This is a source of side income for Callen that he uses to help support his family.

This past April this work shop caught fire in the middle of the night and everything was destroyed. $1000’s of dollars of tools, over $10,000 of personal surfboards, and a recently finished project Callen had spent weeks on to finish valued at $1000’s.

The monetary hit that Callen has taken was substantial. But this workshop was much more. It was a source of income and independence. It was a creative escape for Callen and those who shared the warehouse.

Callen would never ask for help, or assistance. He works hard to care for himself and his family and mind his own affairs. But this is our chance to step in and help. Every little bit helps and we make a big difference in a guys life that deserves it.

The response so far has been inspiring. The community’s ability to rally behind someone in need has been incredible.

At the end of the fundraising we would like to throw a big Smokehouse BBQ (fitting) at Fastlane Sailing and Kayaking and thank everyone for their contribution and have a good time together with the community.

More info to come.

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